Biblical Answers to
Tough Questions
and using those answers to
witness to the non-mainstream,
Christian-derived religions

This site presents lines of reasoning, starting from the ground up, supporting a belief in the Bible as being the Word of God. It gives biblical answers, some of them atypical (you might say controversial), to the tough questions. If you have a serious problem with any of those answers, please e-mail me

Just as important, this site gives methods to explain main-stream Christianity to those religious persons who are non-mainstream in a way that is gracious without causing contention (Colossians 4:5,6; 1 Peter 3:15),  and that is one of the toughest issues of all.

No, I do not think I am inspired nor do I think I have been specially chosen to bring the TRUTH to mankind. I am not a prophet, not even an uninspired prophet and I am not a disciple of anyone claiming such a thing. I do not have a following and do not seek such. I am not after your money. Like most people, I work for a living.

Below you will find the index for the topics covered or those subjects I hope to write. All of these have already been researched and crystallized, but unfortunately due to health problems they have not all been documented. My goal is to get this all written.
   Witnessing to non-Mainstream groups 
What does NOT work There are several popular methods to witness to the non-Mainstream groups. Sadly they often fail. 

One common method is to pull out examples from the other person's belief-system that appear ridiculous and use it to embarrass them. This is clearly not biblical. When believers in Scripture wanted to expose the "bad guys" they sometimes used ridicule or scolding speech (1 Kings 18:27; Matthew 23:13-33) but when trying to persuade, the presentations were fair, gracious, logical (1 Kings 18:21-24; Matthew 5).

Another typical approach is to start with a verse that seems to clearly contradict the other person's position.  So as if one were playing tennis, the verse is served across to see what they will do with it. Can they return the challenge or will they go down in defeat? Since the challenger is not inspired of God, the challenge appears to be no more than just an interpretation. So they put all their ability into returning an explanation, like a tennis ball, back to the presenter. If they cannot, they let it go and look for a verse to send back as a challenge. Will the presenter be able to explain it or go down in defeat? Then a dispute over words starts and the discussion becomes heated. And so it goes, "Bible ping-pong". The Bible cautions against doing this (1 Timothy 6:4;2 Timothy 2:14,23-26).

What does work! The technique I offer for witnessing to the non-mainstream religions is very different. You gently ask questions about issues they wish to discuss and your questions lead them to a place where their own beliefs are contradictory. Then who do they argue with? Not you. They argue in their own mind, with their own leaders. Then after you are gone, the argument goes on. Then you calmly say . . . "When you have an answer, let me know."  . . . And when they have an answer, it will mean they have chosen a position that contradicts their church. Then they will be open to hear what else you have to present.

More . . .

I also discuss issues that are off the mainstream-track so as to get readers to think. I never press you to agree with the articles I post here, but I ask that you figure out what you believe and why you believe it. Looking at theological and ethical issues that are unusual can help define, refine and crystallize your beliefs.

Bible Gateway (Bible Search/Bible lookup) 

Here is a question that I believe is important to consider and will diagnose the viability of a religious system:
There have been persons who were either born into a prison-like situation or were forcibly taken into such a situation where they were abused. Some survived beyond adolescence and then died. Not only did they never hear a biblical message but the only adults in their life were abusers. In your belief-system, assuming you believe in an after-life, 

WHERE COULD these abused persons spend eternity? 

Note, I did not ask WHERE WILL they spend eternity? That is easy to answer with "I don't know." I asked WHERE COULD they spend eternity? If you believe in a bad place ("hell"?) and a good place ("heaven" or "kingdom"?) and you answer "I don't know" then that necessarily means that according to your best understanding these poor victims COULD spend eternity in either place.

Why do I ask this? Because I have heard similar questions asked - such as "What is the hope for those who have never heard?" - and the religious answer side-steps the issue claiming that the questioner is not sincere or genuine. It also appears the answerer is not sincere or genuine for if one has the answer, why not give it? Further, some insist that they have answers to the most important theological issues yet refuse to answer this question, apparently because they cannot. 

Basics of Christianity

I am developing articles on the basic issues of Christianity. Here is the outline of those articles. As the articles are completed they will be available as links. This material is intended to cover the basic teachings of the Bible. Yet even in the basics, there is HOT controversy. I am confident that almost no one will agree with everything I present here. Some will judge parts of this to be heresy. I am also confident that many conservative "evangelical" Christians will agree with most of this. If you do have a concern or are disturbed, please e-mail me
I was privileged to present a paper at the 56th Annual conference of the Evangelical Theological Society (November 17-19, 2004) entitled "Explaining the Trinity to the Jehovah's Witnesses" , (the HTML format is here, the audio recording is here).

A previous article on the JWs was co-authored with Edmond C. Gruss "Is It Proper to Worship Jesus? Examining a Jehovah’s Witness Doctrine" and published in the Volume 23 / Number 4 / 2001 issue of the Christian Research Journal.

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